Key features

  • Modelling the radio wave propagation over irregular terrain, tropospheric duct and vegetation
  • Diffraction over the Earth’s surface
  • Transparent boundaries modelling via the discrete nonlocal boundary conditions
  • Arbitrary operational frequency and transmitting antenna patterns
  • Automatic mesh generation
  • Automatic artificial parameters fitting: approximation method and order, propagation constant, nonlocal boundary condition parameters, backscattering parameters, maximum propagation angle
  • Arbitrary output result grid
  • Higher-order discrete and semi-discrete propagator approximations: Padé approximation, rational interpolation, Numerov scheme, differential evolution method
  • Discrete dispersion relation analysis
  • Underwater acoustics: sound propagation over inhomogeneous sound speed profile and irregular bottom
  • Multiple knife-edge diffraction problem solver
  • Wavenumber integration method
  • Python wrappers for PETOOL and RAM
  • Greene and Claerbout approximations with linear shift map method
  • Visualization of the wave fields


The library is supported by the Russian Science Foundation grant number 21-71-00039.

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